Also Sprach Wombathusta


Hi Folks,

Welcome to Tankstream, a new blog from the Anglosphere’s undisputed antipodean capital, as well as what is rapidly becoming the default capital of New Zealand.

The Tank Stream kept the early Sydney settlement alive, and this blog seeks to similarly… Uhhh… Look, let Gekko explain, he is the one with the metaphors and the history and the Australiana. I do cheap jokes and anti-Dhimmi polemic that scores 10/10 on the Victorian “officially MeanyNastyUnPC stuff” scale. Oh, and Mohammad was a vindicitive, megalomaniacal, murderous, raping, psychopathic pedophile whom his followers emulate as the ideal man.

But I digress. This is a quick introduction to the team from your new third-best friend Wombat, who promises you a steady stream of lowbrow humour, vindictive polemics, news, gratiutious blog linkage bordering on plagarism and All-Western Pride, All-Anti-Dhimmi, All-Da-Time (or whenever I get to blog)

Please also meet my co-bloggers:

Crash is our Outer Suburbs correspondent, valiantly fighting the Good Fight, as well as a lawsuit from Sony. He and I have slightly different views on the Holy Trinity (See Below).

Uh, Crash, you do realise that Lizards and Toads are not marsupials, heck, they are not even mammals ? Just sayin’….

Gekko is just what you expect, a Lizardoid of the old school. Gekko has evolved past his 80’s incarnation played by an inadequate Michael Douglas. He is the very model of a gentleman, a scholar, a passionate Anglospherian, a gifted writer and a guy who lives in a much nicer place than mine. He brings refinement, depth, knowledge, experience, flair, subtlety, dress sense, and all those other things that the rest of us lack. So what the heck are the rest of us doing here ? Just deal with it, Gekko, you are stuck with us all…

Cane. Good GHOD. Where to begin? Cane is Living Proof that deep scholarship, sharp wit and a foul mouth actually can go together. And if not, too bad. Cane is… Well… You’ll see. Toad Hall has fallen on very sad days indeed.

Do not let your little children or more attractive housepets near Cane.

A little bit about me:

Wombat: A Vengeful Marsupial.

Location: Right on Da Harbour.

Job: Makin Richez

Hobby: Chasin Bitchez (Note however that there is no claim of great success here)

Obsessions: confronting the global Jihad and its suicidalist fellow travellers. Shaking the Western world awake. Confronting self-hating Westerners, lefties, Islamists, fascists and the ignorant moonbats that now pass for the general public. At 4 am in the morning. In my underwear. Did you really need to know that?

Religion: Faith in the eventual appearance of A Holy Trinity consisting of Moreena Baccarin from Firefly, Eva Habermann from Lexx and my own poor self, all in a hot tub…

Habits: Like any Wombat:
Eats. Roots*. Shoots. And Leaves.
Only Vengefully.

* A verb, with a somewhat different meaning in the land of OZ.

Things I will probably only do once: Impersonate a cute fat marsupial online.

Things I will continue to do until the coming of the Holy Trininty (see above): Impersonate a cute, fat primate in real life.


11 Responses to “Also Sprach Wombathusta”

  1. Crash Bandicoot Says:

    Hmm VW…

    I keep telling you the Holy Trinity is: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit…and they’re not hot women with a come tither look…although the Holy Spirit does beckon some to come to the Father…but I digress.

    Welcome all. Here are my expectations: bad language (THAT WILL BE CENSORED BY YOUR’S TRULY VW!), intelligent banter and a lot of lefty trashing, which will of course go uncensored.

    Our aims are yet to be formalised. Look out for them in a future post.

  2. Wombatticus Maximus Says:

    No swearing – How is Cane gonna cope ?

    Re Holy Trininity : I was inspired to add the phrase “Who’s Yo Daddy ???” but then thought better of it….

  3. Crash Bandicoot Says:

    Cane has an extended extended vocabulary…he won’t have any problems expressing himself.

  4. Gekko Says:

    Geez Crash, now everyone will know who I am…

  5. Sri Mahawombat Deva Says:

    Yeah, not too much kulcha downunda, so Gekkos identity is easily blown.
    Yes, we admit it: crypto-neocon Phillip Adams now writes for Tank Stream when he is not maintaining his deep cover penetration of the Sydney Left and his reverse penetration of the Left wing cabal in charge of the Australian !

    (Or is Gekko actually Margo Kingston ?)

  6. Der FleiderWombat Says:

    And you do not get off so easily Gekko you scaly indolent native reptile bastard. Write us an article, make us proud !
    Or we will keep telling people that you are actually Margo Kingston.

  7. Der FleiderWombat Says:

    That goes for you too Cane, but substitute “Slimy” for “scaly”, “Hawaiian” for “native” and “bastard” for “bastard”.

  8. raj Says:

    Chasin Bitchez? Roots, shoots and leaves only vengefully?
    I can see why the only respondents to your posturing/repellent dribble feel most comfortable being recognized as lower mammals and reptiles.
    Though if you ever get that Holy Hot Tub going, mmm…a flash of good taste probably never to be repeated…

  9. Crash Bandicoot Says:


    Makin’ richez ain’t so bad, don’t you think?

  10. Lord Louis Wombatten Says:


    Would be nice to make some richez… Meanwhile, I need to fire up the Wombat Report.

    Where the hell are Gecko and Cane ? I feel like I am talking to a wall here…

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