Blogger Down everywhere



Seems like the Mohammed cartoons have led to Denial of Service attacks on Blogger. The following sites have been down for several hours:

  1. Blogger Status
  2. Gates of Vienna
  3. Belmont Club
  4. Dr Sanity
  5. Viking Observer
  6. Six Days
  7. Manny Is Here.

Anyone care to guess why?


8 Responses to “Blogger Down everywhere”

  1. Western Suburbs Magpies Says:


    It seems that even the blogosphere with all its wonderful statements expounding free expression is going down the toilet too.

    Time for another motherhood statement from someone like google, who coincidentally manage blogspot.

    Oh well. No big deal here, lets move on to something more important now. Only embassies getting bombed, and the western world cowed into submission just because a few people got offended by a cartoon.

  2. Western Suburbs Magpies Says:

    Oh Crap,

    I think my blog may be down too.

  3. Western Suburbs Magpies Says:

    Or is blogspot down completely??? All my friends pages dont load either, for some stupid reason.

  4. Jesse Says:

    I can’t find a single blogspot page that’s working. Any further proof of DOS attack?

  5. Vijaymateti Says:

    Dude I was shocked how come blogger is not responding. May some botnet might be leeching Still now there is no proof of DOS? it would have been reported earlier if there was any outage…..

  6. Crash Bandicoot Says:

    No word from Blogspot…may be as innocent as a server outage:

  7. Western Suburbs Magpies Says:

    Hmmm, its back now… oh well, maybe I overreacted/panicked.

  8. Cyber Wombat Says:

    LGF is down today, similar weird behaviour to Blogger yesterday. Tim Blair’s site had some trouble too.

    Like recent stabbings at Bondi, I am sure that we shall be told that these outages “were not ethnically motivated”…

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