le mot de Wombatte


Crash takes exception to strong language (He should take a look at the welcome message over at Silent Running sometime).

But there is a time for all things, as surely as Ecclesiates says. There is a time for sensibilities, and a time to stand up and be counted. There is a time for civility, and a time for offense. This is where I come in.

Under the current circumstances, my marsupial feelings are not dissimilar to those of General Cambronne at Waterloo, when he was asked to surrender and replied

MERDE ! (look it up, Crash, look it up…)

and kept fighting.

So, I say Merde! Kufr Aleikum! and Get a Big Pig Up Ya ! to our ROP friends that have been rioting, threatening, boycotting, torching embassies and bringing down online domains. The ROP are not the only ones with an Ummah.

I have an Ummah too, and I stand by it. Denmark is part of the Dar-al-Sense-and-Sanity-and-Beer-and-Blondes, and I will protect it “bil rooh, bil damm”, and publish what needs to be published, no matter whom it offends (usually Crash. How does he deal with Toady then ? Hmmmm) 


 I add this:


and this

and this (hat tip Silent Running)


but especially this! (BIG hat tip and a bow, Silent Running, you wrokk!)

 Pork this!

Not to worry, Censorin’ Christian Crash, its already censored !

UPDATE (CRASH): Looks like I don’t need to edit anything. Wombo seems to have technical difficulties. Everything seems to be in order. Oh, and Merde seems like the French word for the Spanish word Mierda. Don’t need to lookup it’s meaning.


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