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Blogger Down everywhere

February 5, 2006


Seems like the Mohammed cartoons have led to Denial of Service attacks on Blogger. The following sites have been down for several hours:

  1. Blogger Status
  2. Gates of Vienna
  3. Belmont Club
  4. Dr Sanity
  5. Viking Observer
  6. Six Days
  7. Manny Is Here.

Anyone care to guess why?


The Pope and Ignorance

January 24, 2006

Several weeks ago, DhimmiWatch/JihadWatch brought to my attention the report that the Pope does not believe Islam is capable of reform.
After picking my jaw up off the ground, and wiping away the coffee stains from my keyboard, I harked back to the time just after the Pope’s ordination. He met with German Muslim leaders and declared that he was going to make dialogue and understanding with Islam a priority whilst he was Pope. At the time, I thought, great, another dhimmi! 😉

I then proceeded to the source, Hugh Hewitt’s interview of Father Joseph Fessio, a student and a friend of the Pope’s. Here’s the interesting part:

“…the thesis that was proposed by this scholar was that Islam can enter into the modern world if the Koran is reinterpreted by taking the specific legislation, and going back to the principles, and then adapting it to our times, especially with the dignity that we ascribe to women, which has come through Christianity, of course. And immediately, the Holy Father, in his beautiful calm but clear way, said well, there’s a fundamental problem with that, because he said in the Islamic tradition, God has given His word to Mohammed, but it’s an eternal word. It’s not Mohammed’s word. It’s there for eternity the way it is. There’s no possibility of adapting it or interpreting it, whereas in Christianity, and Judaism, the dynamism’s completely different, that God has worked through His creatures. And so, it is not just the word of God, it’s the word of Isaiah, not just the word of God, but the word of Mark. He’s used His human creatures, and inspired them to speak His word to the world, and therefore by establishing a Church in which he gives authority to His followers to carry on the tradition and interpret it, there’s an inner logic to the Christian Bible, which permits it and requires it to be adapted and applied to new situations. I was…I mean, Hugh, I wish I could say it as clearly and as beautifully as he did, but that’s why he’s Pope and I’m not, okay? That’s one of the reasons. One of others, but his seeing that distinction when the Koran, which is seen as something dropped out of Heaven, which cannot be adapted or applied, even, and the Bible, which is a word of God that comes through a human community, it was stunning.”

However, after seeing that the Washington Times has at long last picked up on this, I thought this story worth unearthing.

Funnily enough, I also dug this up in the course of finding these above linked articles. Here the Pope is quoted as saying that allowing Turkey into the EU would be “an enormous mistake” because “adding Turkey would dilute the culture of what he considers a Christian continent” and that Turkey “…always represented another continent… in permanent contrast with Europe.”

Seems that I judged poor Benedict too soon. He may the most prominent mainstream anti-Dhimmi out there. It is also bleedingly obvious that the Pope and I agree on at least one matter without question.

UPDATE: Seems like Father Fessio misheard/misunderstood. The Pope said that the Koran was beyond reform, not Islam. Sorta like Catholacism…anyone remember the Diet of Worms?

Bandicoot Crashes into the Party

January 19, 2006

Hi all

I am a hard to pidgeon-hole.

Who am I: I am a minority (very much so), I am conservative, I am a Christian (of the conservative protestant flavour) and I am a lover of beautiful maths.

What I love to do: Read political and religious books, listen to good music (in spite of a lawsuit from Sony)

Where I live: The WEsT SiDe!

What helps me pay the bills: I provide quantitative consultancy services…and no I don’t need more work!
What you can expect from me: sarcastic short posts, the odd topical post, general upkeep of the blog, loads of spelling mistakes, misquoted phrases and idioms and some serious lefty-sledging!

What I loathe: Lefty self-pity and suicidialism and stubborness (the latter of which I suffer from).


Welcome to Tankstream

January 17, 2006

And introducing four Australian marsupials:

  1. Vengeful Wombat
  2. Cane Toad (well, alright, the Cane is not really Australian)
  3. Crash Bandicoot
  4. Gekko the Lizardoid