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Vengeance is Mine, Sayeth the Wombat

February 9, 2006

This could be bigger than Rathergate, Ben Hur or the Coming of The Great Blue Wombat to the Wunga Wunga People’s Billabong in the Dream Time.

Looks like the Egyptians gypped us… They published the cartoons in October, and the rage and outcry was…. ZERO. So what is all the fuss about then, and why can Egypt boycott Denmark when they are guilty of exactly the same thing ? More guilty actually, because unlike in Egypt, the Danish government does not rule by decree and cannot punish journalists on a whim.


le mot de Wombatte

February 6, 2006

Crash takes exception to strong language (He should take a look at the welcome message over at Silent Running sometime).

But there is a time for all things, as surely as Ecclesiates says. There is a time for sensibilities, and a time to stand up and be counted. There is a time for civility, and a time for offense. This is where I come in.

Under the current circumstances, my marsupial feelings are not dissimilar to those of General Cambronne at Waterloo, when he was asked to surrender and replied

MERDE ! (look it up, Crash, look it up…)

and kept fighting.

So, I say Merde! Kufr Aleikum! and Get a Big Pig Up Ya ! to our ROP friends that have been rioting, threatening, boycotting, torching embassies and bringing down online domains. The ROP are not the only ones with an Ummah.

I have an Ummah too, and I stand by it. Denmark is part of the Dar-al-Sense-and-Sanity-and-Beer-and-Blondes, and I will protect it “bil rooh, bil damm”, and publish what needs to be published, no matter whom it offends (usually Crash. How does he deal with Toady then ? Hmmmm) 


 I add this:


and this

and this (hat tip Silent Running)


but especially this! (BIG hat tip and a bow, Silent Running, you wrokk!)

 Pork this!

Not to worry, Censorin’ Christian Crash, its already censored !

UPDATE (CRASH): Looks like I don’t need to edit anything. Wombo seems to have technical difficulties. Everything seems to be in order. Oh, and Merde seems like the French word for the Spanish word Mierda. Don’t need to lookup it’s meaning.

The Wombat Report: Mostly Good News

January 24, 2006

Listen Up, Wombateers !

Welcome to the completely irregular and possibly once-off Wombat report, where the news today is mostly good. In fact, it is super. Though perhaps not dooper. Especially if anyone speaks Ukrainian. Then the latter is quite close to a good word to describe Keyser Trad, speaking of which we start with some FANTASTIC news:

Especially if you live in the city of Sydney and are a bit tired of you-know-who denying any knowledge of you-know-what while the Police have only decided to acknowledge that it even happened at all only a month later. Miraculously, today NSW Police have grown a pair, while Morris Iemma is performing cosmetic Neocon surgery on several of the State’s institutions…(Warning: the second linked article may make you gloat and giggle incessantly! Don’t you love it when lefties complain?)

The Aussie blogosphere should bloody well rejoice at the return of Dar-Al-Harb’s Pimp Daddy Blog Brutha Like no Other Mike Jericho. (Not that you would tell from the name of his new blog.) Yes, this guy is arguably even more incisive than Tim Blair (may Allah stregthen his typing fingers) and he definitely pulls no punches, while landing some well placed knees below the ROP’s increasingly metaphorically mixed belt. Lets hope Mike keeps on blogging and gets quoted by Mary Kostakidis, Mike Iemma and Pope Benedict.

Relative sanity prevailed in Canada. A minority government kind of sanity perhaps, but sanity nonetheless. I would like to say that Canada is about to rejoin the Anglosphere, and I am sure that Stephen Harper would like to say the same. Sadly, any government in coalition with Le Bloc Dhimmiqois will have some difficulty in this department.

John Bolton drew a line in the sand and reminded everyone of what a badass he is, and what a much larger badass the US can be. He said that Bush will not tolerate a nuclear armed Iran, and suggested that the UN sponsored terror cheerleader organisation UNRWA should be dismantled. And it is only Tuesday. This guy is gooooood.

Shaul Mofaz is not too far behind. Osirak 2, coming soon to an underground bunker NEAR YOU, MULLAH-BOY…

Uber-dhimmi Not-So-Gorgeous George Galloway is not doing himself any favours.

Hafez-al-Assad is getting more desperate and loonier as the UN investigation into the Hariri murder closes on him. (Hey, is the UN actually doing something right ? My my…)

Denmark stands fast against dhimmitude, Norway follows. Moderate Muslims act less Muslim and more Moderate, and actually voice displeasure at their very Muslim, not very Moderate leaders ! Somebody pinch me. Yep, right there. aaaahhhh…. That’s better… Hey, wait a minute, I am still typing, leave me alone!

I leave you on a light note of unapolagetic schadenfreude…

There is no bloody weather report here so you can all bugger [Crash note: this is borderline Wombat] off now! (a note for our more sensitive American Wombateers: Aussies use the word “bugger” like you use the word “dang”. It is ugly, suggestive of something very unplesant but used so often that it has lost its offensive edge. In this context it just means “go”. Anyway, deal with it).

V. Wombat, your intrepid would-be reporter and link plagarist, signing off.
P.S.: Crash please fix typos because I cannot be arsed [Crash note: this is borderline Wombat].

P.P.S.: Yes Americans, “arsed” is a verb that is synonymous with “bothered”.

Also Sprach Wombathusta

January 19, 2006

Hi Folks,

Welcome to Tankstream, a new blog from the Anglosphere’s undisputed antipodean capital, as well as what is rapidly becoming the default capital of New Zealand.

The Tank Stream kept the early Sydney settlement alive, and this blog seeks to similarly… Uhhh… Look, let Gekko explain, he is the one with the metaphors and the history and the Australiana. I do cheap jokes and anti-Dhimmi polemic that scores 10/10 on the Victorian “officially MeanyNastyUnPC stuff” scale. Oh, and Mohammad was a vindicitive, megalomaniacal, murderous, raping, psychopathic pedophile whom his followers emulate as the ideal man.

But I digress. This is a quick introduction to the team from your new third-best friend Wombat, who promises you a steady stream of lowbrow humour, vindictive polemics, news, gratiutious blog linkage bordering on plagarism and All-Western Pride, All-Anti-Dhimmi, All-Da-Time (or whenever I get to blog)

Please also meet my co-bloggers:

Crash is our Outer Suburbs correspondent, valiantly fighting the Good Fight, as well as a lawsuit from Sony. He and I have slightly different views on the Holy Trinity (See Below).

Uh, Crash, you do realise that Lizards and Toads are not marsupials, heck, they are not even mammals ? Just sayin’….

Gekko is just what you expect, a Lizardoid of the old school. Gekko has evolved past his 80’s incarnation played by an inadequate Michael Douglas. He is the very model of a gentleman, a scholar, a passionate Anglospherian, a gifted writer and a guy who lives in a much nicer place than mine. He brings refinement, depth, knowledge, experience, flair, subtlety, dress sense, and all those other things that the rest of us lack. So what the heck are the rest of us doing here ? Just deal with it, Gekko, you are stuck with us all…

Cane. Good GHOD. Where to begin? Cane is Living Proof that deep scholarship, sharp wit and a foul mouth actually can go together. And if not, too bad. Cane is… Well… You’ll see. Toad Hall has fallen on very sad days indeed.

Do not let your little children or more attractive housepets near Cane.

A little bit about me:

Wombat: A Vengeful Marsupial.

Location: Right on Da Harbour.

Job: Makin Richez

Hobby: Chasin Bitchez (Note however that there is no claim of great success here)

Obsessions: confronting the global Jihad and its suicidalist fellow travellers. Shaking the Western world awake. Confronting self-hating Westerners, lefties, Islamists, fascists and the ignorant moonbats that now pass for the general public. At 4 am in the morning. In my underwear. Did you really need to know that?

Religion: Faith in the eventual appearance of A Holy Trinity consisting of Moreena Baccarin from Firefly, Eva Habermann from Lexx and my own poor self, all in a hot tub…

Habits: Like any Wombat:
Eats. Roots*. Shoots. And Leaves.
Only Vengefully.

* A verb, with a somewhat different meaning in the land of OZ.

Things I will probably only do once: Impersonate a cute fat marsupial online.

Things I will continue to do until the coming of the Holy Trininty (see above): Impersonate a cute, fat primate in real life.